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Unless we change where we're heading in the next few weeks on Brexit we're stuffed. We're potentially heading to bargain basement Britain, where the NHS is sold off to the highest bidder, in order to beg for trade agreements with people like Trump. We will have 'taken back control' only to see it handed over to corporate elites across the globe behind closed doors.

When Theresa May said getting 'no deal' with the EU is an acceptable outcome, she waved the white flag and effectively told corporate interests to come and get us and do with us what you will'. No one has any faith the Tories are willing or able to protect workers rights,environmental protections or even our NHS.

Sadly Remain lost the referendum. That means the govt will now begin negotiations (via Article 50) to leave the EU. However, the shape of that departure, the negotiations and the end relationship is not up to the govt. Instead Parliament must have a say. The Supreme Court reinforced this opinion and now Parliament is about to debate the degree of say and influence it has in the process.This is what is called the 2nd Reading of the A50 bill. It is not a trigger vote, but a vote to begin the debate and scrutiny of the Govt's negotiating position. 

Some people argue that Labour and other opposition parties should ignore the referendum result, not attempt to shape the negotiation process and simply block A50. Alas the vast majority of Tories in Parliament, even Remainers, will not stop or block the triggering of Article 50. They will just obey Theresa May and do what she says irrespective of the arguments. Some however will vote to change (amend some of the conditions limiting the government's version of brexit.

Labour has tabled a series of amendments to this end (see below). That's because a majority of all party's MPs believe Parliament should be allowed to shape the A50 process and negotiations.They also have profound concerns about the kind of Brexit we are being forced to accept.

The difficulty now lies in getting all the changes/amendments passed. Labour's amendments (below) attempt to ensure we have the closest relationship to Europe and the Single Market as is possible, protect worker rights, have proper report-back mechanisms on the negotiations and have final say over the eventual negotiated deal.


Bottom line is I'll always do what I think is right for all of the people in our constituency. Not just bits of it - ALL of it. Too many people want to stick two fingers up at the decision made in part by people who'd been forgotten for 40 years.

Whilst middle England revelled in Cool Britannia and an asset bubble boom - these poor souls were being quietly forgotten. Many of them were my friends and family who also voted Leave. I understand why they did it. I dont agree with them but I get it.

And whilst I wont help them pull the trigger of the gun they're holding to their own head I will do my best to coax it down. I wont tell them they're ignorant or stupid and should know better and just let them pull the trigger.

It's grown-up, compassionate politics and I'll stand by it. And if after all of the debate in Parliament we still end up with Tory Hard Brexit I'll vote against.

Labour’s amendments will:

i) Allow a meaningful vote in Parliament on the final Brexit deal. Labour’s amendment would ensure that the House of Commons has the first say on any proposed deal and that the consent of Parliament would be required before the deal is referred to the European Council and Parliament.

ii) Establish a number of key principles the Government must seek to negotiate during the process, including protecting workers’ rights, securing full tariff and impediment free access to the Single Market.

iii) Ensure there is robust and regular Parliamentary scrutiny by requiring the Secretary of State to report to the House at least every two months on the progress being made on negotiations throughout the Brexit process

iv) Guarantee legal rights for EU nationals living in the UK. Labour has repeatedly called for the Government to take this step, and this amendment would ensure EU citizens’ rights are not part of the Brexit negotiations.

v) Require the Government to consult regularly with the governments in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland throughout Brexit negotiations. Labour’s amendment would put the Joint Ministerial Committee (JMC) on a statutory footing and require the UK Government to consult the JMC at least every two months.

vi) Require the Government to publish impact assessments conducted since the referendum of any new proposed trading relationship with the EU. This amendment seeks to ensure there is much greater clarity on the likely impact of the Government’s decision to exit the Single Market and seek new relationship with the Customs Union

vii) Ensure the Government must seek to retain all existing EU tax avoidance and evasion measures post-Brexit

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commented 2017-03-10 22:23:41 +0000
You should vote for the amendments made by the Lords.

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